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 FAQs -- SmarterLife Products

Q: How long have you been in business?

A: SmarterLife Products LLC was incorporated on October 31, 2014, so we are about to enter into our third year in business.

Q: What makes you different from your competitors?

A: First, we promise that all of our products will be obsessively researched and always thoughtfully made with environmentally responsible materials, whether we make them or someone else makes them pursuant to our exacting specifications. 

We like to think of ourselves as the scrappy (but brainy) underdog fighting to bring you great things that can help you achieve your goals for health, fitness and life. Creating great products takes time, and we’re all about putting in the hours.

Q: Where are your operations based?

A: We are headquartered in Steamboat Springs, CO and have our inventory warehoused in 15 states including California, Arizona, Washington, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, New Jersey, Florida, Texas among others.

Q: Do you accept returns/exchanges over and above what customers are entitled to by law (i.e. a replacement/repair for a minor fault or refund for a major fault)?

A: If any of our products are found to have a defect, we will replace it free of charge, regardless of the applicable warranty or laws. With regard to returns and exchanges, we will accept returned products that are unused and in their original, unopened packaging for up to 90 days from the date of purchase without questions.

Q: Do you allow for refunds for a change of mind? If so, how long do customers have to contact you?

A: We will accept returned products that are unused and in their original, unopened packaging for up to 90 days from the date of purchase without questions.

Q: How long does it take you to process an order before it is shipped?

A: Once a customer's payment has been approved, we fulfill the order within 30 minutes and in most cases it will ship the following day, if not the same day.

Q: From where are your packages shipped?

A: We fulfill our orders from both and our own warehouses. In total, we have inventory stored in over 35 warehouses in 14 states. Customer orders are shipped from the nearest warehouse in order to minimize delivery time.

Q: Do you ship packages internationally?

A: Not at this time, however we are expanding into the European market -- United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and Spain -- in the summer of 2016. When we do, we will market all of our US based products in Europe and warehouse them in several locations in the UK. This will allow European shoppers to purchase our products, and we believe, US customers the option to purchase in the US and ship to Europe.

Q: How do you charge for shipping?

A: Our shipping rates are weight-based and consistent with the United States Postal Service's shipping rate schedule.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We have implemented what is known as a "payment gateway" that universally accepts all credit cards -- VISA, American Express, Mastercard, Diners. We also accept PayPal payments.

FAQs -- SmartSport Premium Exercise Ball

Q: What happens if it bursts?

A: As it employs an anti-burst design, it is very hard to make it burst to begin with. If it did "burst", it actually wouldn't burst... it would simply slowly lose air. This is the anti-burst technology kicking in. So, for example, if you were using it and accidentally pushed it against a sharp object (please don't exercise around sharp objects, though), it would simply deflate. This is a very important safety feature that many exercise balls do not have.

Q: What is the resistance level, maximum weight?

A: The ball is rated at a maximum 1,100 pounds per square inch (PSI) of pressure, which interpreted as body weight, it can support up to 300 pounds (body weight) during normal use very safely.

Q: What is the ball made of?

A: All SmarterLife Products SmartSport Premium Exercise Balls are made from non-toxic, phthalates and latex free materials (this is often referred to as "6P Free"). This ensures that it is safe to use from a dermatological perspective, does not give off gassy smells typical of cheap exercise balls, and is friendly to the environment.

Q: Is the material sticky? I'm looking to use this on carpet, and I don't want a bunch of lint/dust/carpet junk on the ball while I'm using it.

A: No, it is not sticky. We were able to achieve both non-slip characteristics without the stickiness typical of other exercise balls. I think you will be very pleased with the SmarterLife Products SmartSport Premium Exercise Ball. I hope this is helpful.

Q: Is this made from PVC?

A: It is made of PVC, but not all PVC is the same. Our products are made of PVC that is PVC 16P free, PAHs free, and EN71-3/19 heavy metal certified. 

Q: Is there a pump included? What type?

A: Yes, a hand held pump is included, very easy to use.... Directions included.

Q: I'm looking to use the ball for pregnancy, and birthing..I'm 5' 2" and wondering what size ball will work best for me?

A: The 55 cm ball is the perfect size for you. And I, too, wish you the best with your pregnancy.

Q: What is the measuring tape for? It has no markings on it.

A: You inflate the ball about half way, then you wrap the tape around the ball, stick the pump nozzle through both holes in the end of the tape, then inflate the ball until the tape is taught around the ball.

FAQs -- SmartLite Ultra LED Headlamp

Q: How long can you go on one battery?

A: On the highest white light setting (of the 3 -- low, medium, and high), the lamp will stay bright for up to 10 hours. It is specified at 8 hours, but that is conservative. Our tests confirm about 10 hours. And on the medium setting, up to 15 hours. On the low setting, we have experienced burn times of up to 40 hours. Given how bright this headlamp is, the medium setting is sufficient for most outdoors activities, which will provide you the extended burn time of up to 15 hours.

Q: Is this headlamp water resistant/proof?

A: Yes, this headlamp is highly water resistant. Water resistance is rated on an "IPX" scale... from IPX1 and up. The SmarterLife Products SmartLite Ultra LED Headlamp is rated IPX6, which is a very high rating. An IPX6 rating means the product was tested with powerful water jets with no leakage of water in either the battery or lamp compartments. A unique feature of the SmartLite Ultra is it has a rubber grommet around the inside edge of the battery compartment, an important feature to achieving this level of water resistance. A headlamp that shorts out in the rain or snow isn't much help. That won't happen with our product.

Q: Would this lamp be able to be adjusted to fit on a child's head?

A: Yes, absolutely. We had a customer send a message the other day that she ordered the Hot Pink model for her 7 year old daughter to use in her classroom as a reading light. The other kids' headlamps were big and bulky and didn't fit them well. However, the SmarterLife Products SmartLite LED Headlamp fit perfectly and comfortably. I think your child will be very happy. PLEASE do however, teach him or her to never look into the light. Children seem to want to do that and that would upset us if it happened to any child with our headlamp.

Q: How durable is this lamp? Can anyone who's put it through some abuse/real use let me know if it will last?

A: I run with it all the time. I ran the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Race last August with the SmarterLife Products SmartLite Ultra LED Headlamp -- 9 hours of nighttime running with no moon and it rained most of the night. Worked like a champ. Now only if my body worked like a champ.

Q: How bright is the red LED function? is it bright enough to walk uneven ground with the red LEDs?

A: Yes, the red LEDs are bright enough to walk on uneven ground. I crewed for Emma Roca at the Run Rabbit Run 100 Mile trail race this past September and the red LEDs were perfect at the aid station. I could see everything I was doing but didn't blind my runner or others while helping her at the aid stations. It was perfect. She won the race, which of course, I attribute to the SmarterLife Products SmartLite Ultra LED Headlamp (just kidding).

Q: Is the red light on it's own button or do you have to cycle through the white lights to get to the red?

A: The SmartLite Ultra LED Headlamp is designed for simplicity of operation, so only one button is required for operation (rather than having 2 or more buttons as many other products). So, all lighting functions -- including the white and red lights are operated by the same button. However, you need not cycle through all the white light modes to get to the red. With the lamp in the off mode, simply hold down the on/off butting for 3 seconds. The white light will illuminate for two seconds then immediately torn to solid red. It's that easy and fast.

FAQs -- SmartRest Premium Neck Pillow

Q: Is the back flat? I am looking for a travel pillow that does not push my head forward.

A: All neck pillows have support around the neck, including in the back. So, our SmartRest Premium Neck Pillow does, as well. However, most neck pillows are very thick in the back area, which is why we designed our neck pillow to be contoured in the back so it doesn't push your head forward.